Halloween 2014 (Eleanor's First!)

I never had the chance to share our October/Halloween pictures so I'm taking the opportunity now!

We took Eleanor to a great local pumpkin patch, which pretty much turned into one giant photo session.  The pumpkin patch had giant, orange tarp tents so a lot of these photos are tinted orange--oh well!  The whole outing helped us ring in the fall and feel the holiday spirit.  Holidays are one thousand times better with children and it was so fun to introduce Eleanor to some good old pumpkins.  
^^Not so sure about this whole sitting on a cold pumpkin thing!
At the end of October we headed down to Riverside where we took Eleanor to a Aaron's parents' church Trunk or Treat.  

I had been stressing over what Eleanor should be for Halloween for weeks by this point.  I have some weird complex that the best Halloween costume is homemade, clever and unique (no pressure!).  I racked my brain thinking of some great family costume idea but was not feeling any creative juices flowing.  So as the end of October approached, I gave up on homemade and Aaron and I started scouring Amazon for a cute baby costume.  We boiled it down to a strawberry, monkey or elephant but I just couldn't pull the trigger.  

Finally, I got the idea that she should be a kitty cat. We already had a purple tutu and then I got supplies to make her kitty ears/headband and tail.  This all became hilarious when I realized that I had predicted last year when I was pregnant that I would dress my kids in easy to make cat costumes.  I know myself too well!  Anyways, the whole costume thing worked out and Eleanor made an absolutely adorable kitty cat.  We all ended up drawing whiskers on ourselves (even Aaron's parents went along with it!) so the whole family costume thing worked out after all.   

Thank goodness for things like Trunk or Treat too or else Halloween wouldn't have felt nearly as fun.  Our real Halloween was quite simple, just a walk around the block with Eleanor in her costume (minus the whiskers and tail) and handing out some candy to the local kids.  But all in all, it was a fun month of celebrating!

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