Old Town Clovis Flea Market

I found myself sitting in the mother's lounge during Sunday School (as I usually do) on my first Sunday in our new Woodward Park Ward.  Brianna Hafen walked in to nurse her new baby and we started chatting as we nursed.  It was fun to meet another mom right off the bat.  I asked her what her favorite things to do in the area were and she told me about the twice a year Old Town Flea Market in Clovis.  She even pulled up Instagram and showed me that you could follow the flea market to learn up upcoming events.  So I started following and found out that there was a flea market in early November.  I love events like this both for the community feel and for the home goods.  And since we had only just moved to Fresno, I was all excited to participate in true Fresno/Clovis experiences. 

Of course it poured rain that day but we braved it and even Jessica and Clara came too!  The flea market wasn't big by any means but it was fun to see local artists, collectors, furniture refinishers, etc. come out and display their work.  I bought a little $2 watercolor print of boats in a marina and had fun just walking around admiring everything else.  I can't wait for the next one in the Spring!
^^That boy in the center was making off with a pretty awesome Christmas sled.
^^Such a cute little goof :)

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