First few days in Fresno and my mom came to visit!

We woke up the day after our move to a house in total disarray.  While Aaron and his dad tried to situate things a little before Mark hit the road, I went around snapping photos of the state of things.  So if you want to see really beautiful pictures of a home all set up, look elsewhere!
^^In this picture you can see the entry, front room (on the other side of that half wall, see next two pictures), living room and then the entrance into the kitchen on the right.
^^From the front room looking out at the living room.
^^Future guest bedroom.  It doesn't look like much here but it's looking much better now and you all should come visit!
^^Our back patio where all the great future bbq's will take place.  Our landlords are still in putting in grass and then we hope to make garden boxes.
^^I know it doesn't look glamorous but having a garage is such a luxury! And it definitely isn't lost on us that this is something to be grateful for!

I didn't get move in pictures of Eleanor's room because she was sleeping in it while I was taking these photos. 

So with boxes scattered around and our home looking like crazy town, Aaron had to turn around and head back to San Jose for his last three days of work.  The idea of sleeping in a new place by myself and a baby, taking care of a baby and living amidst boxes was all quite daunting so I was super grateful that my mom offered to come down from Sunday to Wednesday to be with me.  Best mom award!
We prepped the house and unpacked boxes every day.  The kitchen was bizarrely dusty and dirty upon moving in so we scrubbed it all day Monday and then my mom unpacked the kitchen boxes and found a place for everything.  I always dread unpacking the kitchen so I can't tell you how grateful I was for my mom doing it!
We took early morning selfies to send Aaron because we missed him.
We took advantage of being in a new location and went out to eat at a variety of new Fresno spots.
And we got out of the house Tuesday night for a Farmer's Market at the nearby shopping center.  We bought the juiciest tomatoes you ever did see and had delicious pizza.
And we drove by the Fresno Temple.
I was seriously sad to see my mom go on Wednesday morning and I have reminded her every day since that we are just a 3 hour drive away and she is welcome any time (hint hint).

So thank you Mom for making our first few days in our new home a total success and for keeping me company while Aaron was away!  We are much more settled now and in the swing of things so I'll get around to taking pictures of our house sans boxes and try to show those sometime. But we sure are loving Fresno!

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