Eleanor's first ride on the slide

Somewhere along the way we realized that Eleanor had never ridden on a slide before.  It then became our parenting mission to get her on a slide as soon as possible.  We waited for a Saturday when we could have a family park day and then headed over to the park down the street.

We had definitely done the park thing a lot and Eleanor experienced her first swing at 4 months, but we were pretty stoked to take her down the slide.  Ahh the things that give new parents a rush!

So here are a bunch of park day photos, and fair warning, there are a lot.  Something about Eleanor wearing real shoes (that actually semi-stayed on) and her out long legs made her seem so grown up and I just couldn't help but snap away.  Plus this whole day was kind of dreamy.  Up until this point, every weekend we seemed to be either out of town or consumed with moving so we loved just having a relaxed, carefree Saturday.  So I took lots of pictures and while I just edit them down I just don't want to ;) Moral of the story is, we soaked up the sun, lived up all the park had to offer and we were happy.
 ^^This last picture is so funny to us, as if she was really struggling to get that pull up in.
 ^^The look she gave the second after going down the slide for the first time. Clearly, Aaron and I were much more excited about all of this than she was.

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  1. These photos are amazing!!! The park was and still is my favorite place.