A Baby Shower for Jessica and Baby Girl Marcum

Lucy Brown and I threw a baby shower for Jessica and her new baby girl and it was all so much fun.  The shower was flower themed and tons of wonderful people both from the ward and from Jessica's family all came.  Jessica is the master of throwing showers and parties (she even threw me a surprise baby shower when I was pregnant with Eleanor) so it was fun to have one in her honor this time.

Naturally, my camera battery died about ten minutes into the whole thing and I didn't have my charger so these aren't the best pictures of the night but definitely still worth sharing for memory's sake.

I sure love you Jess and that sweet new baby of yours too!
^^Gorgeous, right?! The day before the shower I get a text from Mandy Spencer offering to make a cake .  I said "That would be great!" and then she added that she might whip up some cupcakes while she's at it.  Even better! Mind you this was just the day before the shower which didn't give her much time to prep at all.  So imagine my surprise when Mandy walks in with not only a beautiful cake but also an entire adorable cupcake display.  And if you think it looks good then just imagine how good it tasted!  In the ten minutes that my camera was working I chose to snap away at photos of the dessert table.  It may have been wise to get more people shots and at least a decent shot of the mother-to-be but you know, priorities, right? 

I had only been in the ward for a month at this point so helping to put together this shower was a really fun way to bond with the ladies.  And Jessica really is the most beautiful pregnant lady ever so it was extra fun to see her glow as she was showered with love and gifts.  I kept pinching myself the whole night that I now lived close enough to get to throw a baby shower for one of my very best friends.  I assumed those days were over when we all headed out of Provo but I'm so glad I was wrong!  Here's to many more babies and many more showers to come ;)

And just for fun, you can go here to see the baby shower my friend Erin and I threw for Jess when she was pregnant with Clara.

In case anyone is curious, I used this tutorial from Ruche on Design Sponge to make the large tissue paper flowers (they are based on the House of Lars flowers).  Jessica took some home after the shower and did an amazing job of incorporating them into baby Winnie's adorable nursery here

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