And then Aaron's parents came to visit!

Finally returning to this dear blog to update our lives.  I wrote this post back in early October but never added pictures, so here it finally is!  Read on, dear friends and family...

Aaron finished up at PwC on October 1st and hopped in the car to drive out to Fresno to officially start life here.  We were so happy to have him here for good and to make our home more home-y together.  I am very proud of him for his year in the big 4 accounting world--we survived!  We are grateful for the job that he had and now grateful for a new job that will provide more flexibility, freedom and family time.

We spent the next day working on a couple more home projects and then Aaron's parents drove in to town late that Thursday night.  At this point, Aaron didn't have to go to work til the following Monday and with our non-stop visitors thus far (first Aaron's dad to help us on moving day and then my mom to help with unpacking) so we were in full on party mode and we loved it!

We got going early that Friday morning to head up to Lake Millerton, just 20 minutes away!  Mark and Susan had pulled the boat all the way from Riverside and we were pretty excited to help take it out on its first ride of the summer (in October!).

The boat didn't start at first...
So we stood on the dock and took some pictures.
But Mark and Aaron got it going soon enough and we were on our way.  Poor Eleanor was NOT a fan of her little life jacket and pretty much fought it the whole time .  Life with babies is an adventure!  She did better when the boat was in motion though so that helped things along.  Somehow she turned out looking happy in all of these following photos though so lets just pretend she had a grand ole time the whole time :)
^^Oh the glamorous nursing cover, ha.
^^Her cheeks are just too big for the jacket!
^^ #pinkyout
^^That little hand! That's definitely her safe spot, in her daddy's arms. 

Everyone took a turn out on the water and Susan even got out and skied after years of letting the kids take the ski runs.  I did one run on the wakeboard but threw in the rope before I could get too sore.  Nothing is worse than over doing it and then suffering the whole next week!
Friday evening we watched the BYU football game and what a sad game it was! Poor Taysom got hurt (along with others) and we lost miserably.  It was a major bummer overall but at least we had family there to mourn with us ;)
Saturday morning was the start of General Conference.  I love General Conference weekend!  It sure is difficult to get much out of it with a baby on the prowl but having Nana and Grandpa there to help and play made it much more enjoyable overall.

We listened to the second session of conference while driving out to Shaver Lake (about an hour drive from us).  Mark had grown up coming to Shaver and helped build a family cabin there.  For years, his family would come to Shaver to stay in their finished cabin and ski on the lake.  Growing up, Susan's family had been friends with Mark's Aunt Karen and Uncle Kenny (but never met Mark) and went to Shaver Lake with Karen and Kenny to stay at the same cabin.  When Mark and Susan were married and were swapping Shaver Lake stories, they realized that they were describing the exact same cabin! So you can imagine how fun it was to drive up to Shaver Lake with Mark and Susan after all these years, find the cabin and have them each reminisce about their time there and how the cabin had changed.
^^Telling childhood stories.
We drove around the lake a bit, got out to take pictures and then stopped to grab dinner at The Hungry Hut.  Shaver Lake is definitely gorgeous, up in the mountains and surrounded by pine trees.  We can't wait to come back and get on the lake with a boat!
^^Grandpa's little girl
That night Mark and Aaron watched priesthood session at home with Eleanor crawling around on their laps.
Sunday morning rolled around and we watched the morning session all together.  Then we scrambled to have Mark and Susan help us with some house projects before they headed back to Riverside.  Aaron and Mark got to work on the garage and had it whipped into shape and looking beautiful in just 30 minutes.  They started dreaming of creating a work bench and everything.  These boys sure love their garages.
Meanwhile, Susan helped me hang pictures inside.  She is the picture hanging master!  I grabbed all the potential pictures I had for Eleanor's room and then she sorted through them, made a grid and hung them all.  What would have taken me hours of thinking, planning, measuring, etc, etc, took Susan just 20 minutes to execute.  I was so happy and Aaron was so relieved that he didn't have to help (he strongly dislikes hanging pictures and I can't really blame him since I'm always second guessing every frame's position).
I say it was quite the successful weekend!  We were able to visit 2 lakes, take the boat out for the first time, give Eleanor her first boating experience, watch/listen to General Conference, watch a BYU football game, eat 2 gallons of ice cream (!), and organize the house.  Thank you so much for making the drive up, Mark and Susan!  We can't wait for your next visit!

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