First Day on the Job

Aaron's first day at his new job at Veater Financial Group was on Monday, October 6th.  We had such an ideal morning that day that it just felt like confirmation that this is where we are supposed to be and Aaron is doing just what he's supposed to be doing.

Eleanor came and hung out in bed with me as we watched Aaron get ready for the day.  I love that our new house has the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, so I can stay in bed and chat with Aaron as he gets ready.  He took breaks to come pick up Eleanor and play with her.  Since Aaron's new office is just 10 minutes away and there is never a stitch of traffic our mornings never feel stressful or rushed.  We all had breakfast together and then I made Aaron take "first day of work pictures" as I did with his internship and with his first day at PwC.  Cheesy but I kind of love them.
I'm hoping that Aaron will get on here and write about his new job (what he does and how he likes it).   Until that happens though, I will just say that one day a couple weeks into working at his new job I asked Aaron if he liked his job and he said, "Yes!" without any hesitation or without any "yes but..." phrases.  He explained all the reasons why he liked what he was doing now and what he likes about what the future holds for him in this job.  And that just warms my heart.  I so want Aaron to enjoy his work, to come home feeling jazzed about life, not drained.  Of course, work is still work and it isn't a non-stop party but I love that he is feeling fulfilled by what he is doing during the day.  And we are still just so grateful for this new opportunity.  Feeling blessed all around.

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