Good friends, good food, good conversation, good life.

When my friend Erin texted Jessica and me saying that her husband Nate was headed out of town so she was thinking of driving up for the weekend with her cute little son Scott, we responded with a big "YES!!!" and I was so happy to say we had a room and a bed just waiting for her.

I love that I live a little closer to Erin now (she's in San Diego) and that we can make friend trips like this even easier (although we've been pretty lucky to have multiple get togethers so far this year: March in San JoseMay in San Diego/Valencia and August in Seattle).  Erin got here Thursday night and us girls went out to dinner, had late night girl chats, went shopping at the mall with our three strollers and spent the day up at Veater Ranch.  And then on Saturday we got babysitters, and with Steve and Aaron along too, we went to the movie Meet the Mormons (which was great!), made copy-cat Sweet Tooth Fairy VaNIElla cupcakes and played Settlers of Catan.   It was so fun to catch up, to see Jessica and Erin's cute baby bumps together and to have our kids play in the same space.  
^^I love this picture and all the kid chaos it took to get it #reallife.  It was the best attempt we had at a picture with the kiddos and I think it's perfect.  I love the patient and loving moms that my friends have become and I just want to be like them.  Also, Clara's backwards swan dive?  Awesome. Even better?  How Jessica is laughing it off with grace.
 ^^Clara kisses are the best kind of kisses and Eleanor is lucky enough to receive a LOT of them. 
^^The whole bunch just after seeing Meet the Mormons.
^^Sweet little works of art on my fridge by Scott.

Life is so much richer with these dear friends in it!

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