October little things

I usually get behind on updating the blog and then I just go by what pictures I have on my real camera to remind me of what events I need to write posts about.  That's great and all but that approach usually means that the little daily details of life get passed over.  So in an effort to share the little things, here is a smattering of photos from my iPhone with some text to link it all together...

We got the guest bedroom in decent enough shape for all of our October guests and now it's a cheery little spot in our home.  I hope to fully deck it out some day soon but we have some other priorities right now (like still needing rugs...).

One of our first times visiting Aaron at the office for lunch.  Having lunch together really is the bright spot of every day!
 ^^It's so fun that he has his own space! His office has come a long ways since this pic and he now has chairs and bookcases and everything. 

Then we got library cards and roamed around taking pictures of all the books we wanted to eventually check out.  One of the first things I do when we move to a new area is get a library card.  I love the community feel that comes with the library.  
Snapped a photo at the library for this community event.  We didn't end up making it but it looked fun!

Sometimes I take "the long way home" (name that song) and snap pictures of homes I like.  It's so fun to be in an area where we can finally imagine buying a home!  And I loved this home, especially the paint color.

We went to lots of grocery stores this month and I think Eleanor is just the cutest sitting in the cart.  I love the progression of these three photos. She gets more intense about holding that farro with each shot.

More snapping photos of houses.  I love this one although I wish I could give it a paint job.

Researching school boundaries and trying to figure out where we would want to buy one day.  We are still far away from buying but I love gathering the info. 

Lazy afternoon lounging

Ebay art shopping.  Didn't get this one but I sure think he is a fun little man.  And why is my phone always at 7% battery?  I swear I charge that thing a bunch but it's always on the brink of death.

Lunch with dad!

Eleanor's first iPhone photo!  She got my phone and somehow took a picture and posted it to instagram in a matter of seconds.  I was astounded that she was able to do that with a couple of accidental swipes of her hands!  I deleted the instagram right away but then regretted that.

More shopping (this time Target) and contemplating on clocks.  It drives me nuts that we don't have clocks everywhere around our house.  I love to be able to look at a clock from anywhere I stand in the house.  But I just can't seem to find the perfect clock and now I'm on this strange kick that I don't want to buy anything for our home unless I love it.  But I did really like this clock and am still contemplating it.

Shopping with her is the best.

The beauty of an early bedtime for Eleanor (usually 7 pm) and our own personal backyard porch is late night grilling sessions.

Back at the store!  Gotta love Costco. We got memberships again when we moved here (we took a break for the past two years) and now I have a love-hate relationship.  It's got so much good organic produce and I love the meat but I need to figure out how to shop there without spending a crazy amount of money.

One afternoon, we ran out of things to do so I just let Eleanor have at it with the stack of books that still need a bookcase.  I was impressed with her book choice here.  Such a righteous child.

Babysitting sweet Clara while Jessica prepared their house for moving.  I love living close to this cute girl.

We bought a washer!  I wasn't super excited at first with spending a bunch of money on an appliance but I must say that finally having a washer/dryer in our home has been absolutely wonderful!

And while at Sears, Aaron taught Eleanor how to play foosball.  Naturally, we had to text Richard and Brad (the fellow accounting foosballers) because we knew they'd appreciate this moment.

Caught these two being cute from around the corner.  I am always SO grateful when Aaron gets home and takes the helm.

Researching baby costumes and I thought this one was especially hilarious.  Clearly this little baby's face has been photoshopped into the costume.  And I just couldn't stop laughing about it.

In the elevator on the way up to lunch with Aaron.  Eleanor was not having the "sit on my hip" side carry and insisted on this position.  Crazy little girl.

And we're back at Costco!  But the real point of this picture was those cheeks!

Found this little tutu in a hand-me down bag and we tried it on for size.  She didn't really know what to make of it.  But it ended up being perfect for her Halloween costume!

A random photo I snapped to show how her hair is growing in a lot!  I also think she had a little wispy curl that I was trying to capture but she moved her head too quickly.

Then we went down to Riverside and dressed our family up as little cats!  More pictures on this to come but I couldn't help sharing this cute shot of her.  That little kitty nose!

More adventures in food!  She makes a crazy mess every meal that now requires a major post meal sweeping session but it sure is cute.

Visiting Aaron for lunch and eating in the outside courtyard area.  These pictures of these two make my heart swell.

And I spotted my favorite indoor tree at the office building next door so I made us all go visit the trees together.  One day when I prove I can keep a plant alive I hope to have one of these in our home.

Practicing standing up on things...

We worked on discovering the local thrift stops in nearby Clovis.  I ended up getting this eagle and love him.  He doesn't have those weird red spots in real life.   Still working on finding a spot for him...in a wall gallery of pictures?  hanging over a door?  on a bookshelf?  in Aaron's office? We shall see.

And on October 31st Eleanor had her 9 month appt! I usually try try to take a photo of her with the paper of her stats but she was not willing to let a piece of paper just sit next to her without her grabbing it. If I could read her mind it would be constantly saying, "Must put all paper objects in my mouth!!"  But it was cute nonetheless to see how she has developed since that first doctors visit where she just lay there next to the paper.  I'll have to show the photo sequence sometime.
I finally gave up and just took a picture of the paper alone.

And sadly she got her 9 months shots too.  I handle these rounds of shots much better these days knowing that she will be okay soon enough but those post shot tears still kind of get me.  Poor thing.
While at the doctor's we discovered that her first tooth at broken in!  I had been checking daily for that tooth to finally appear because she had been showing serious teething signs for weeks.  However, it wasn't til I was sitting in the doctors office that I officially felt it for the first time.  It was this crazy exciting adrenaline rush of pride.  Her first tooth!  Finally!

And then later that day Eleanor pulled herself up on our little bench ottoman and just like that it felt like she grew up crazy fast.  Like she had graduated college and been award the Nobel Peace Prize all in one day!  It was a significant day for sure.  

And then we pulled out her kitty costume for Halloween night. I must admit that the Trunk or Treat was much more exciting than the real Halloween night but it was still fun.  We had a couple really big groups of kids stop by our house and we successfully got rid of our big Costco bag of candy (well all but 5 pieces that we gladly finished off).  We walked Eleanor around our block once just so we could parade her out in the open and have people tell us how cute those little cat ears are.  Just kidding, but that is a perk of going outside with her :)  We touched the fall leaves and pointed out the pumpkins and she seems very pleased with it all.
And then that night we put Eleanor to bed and stayed up to watch Godzilla, a very appropriate Halloween movie for us since we have turned into big wusses and can't handle any kind of scary movie. 

And just like that October was over! It was a great month overall and it's quickly becoming my favorite month of the year.  Thanks for indulging me on this 54 pictures post!

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