Molly and Mike's Wedding

Molly married Mike last Saturday and became Molly Moesel!  I was so glad I was able to be there and witness the marriage because it was such a happy wedding indeed.

On Friday night, Molly had an open house at her house in the Seattle area.  Let me just say that this house has the most gorgeous view in the whole world.  Upon walking into their kitchen for the first time and seeing the panoramic view of the Puget Sound I stopped right there and asked Molly's mom if I could move in with them.  Seriously, I said just that.  And she chuckled but I don't think she thought I was serious.  But I was.  Anyways, I digress.

The open house was simple and full of good conversation, which is the way wedding events should really be, right?  
^^Yes, this is the view from their balcony that spans the whole top floor of the house.
 ^^Don't know what they are discussing but it sure looks good!
 ^^Molly's high school friends who are all incredibly sweet and supportive.
^^Love these girls.  It was such a treat to spend the weekend together.

I brought Eleanor with me to the open house but she had been so off schedule for a week and a half at this point that she kind of lost it early in the evening.  Jessica and Erin ran to the store to get a pacifier (our others were lost in transit) though and Molly's sisters located a Pac n Play so we were good to go for the evening.  Eleanor slept away peacefully downstairs as I got to enjoy the scenery and time with friends.  

Molly looked adorable in her lace dress and I loved watching her be in her element.  This was also the first night that I met Mike and must say I was quite impressed.  He was polite and genuine and you could tell he cared for Molly, all of which are qualities you want in the man that your dear friend is marrying.  I loved hanging out with Jessica and Erin and getting to see Abbey again.  I roomed with Abbey my junior year at BYU and the last time I saw her was at Ellen's wedding.  It's been far too long!

Saturday was Wedding Day and after a morning with Adam and Christy I headed over to the Seattle Temple at 2:30 pm.  Adam and Christy kindly watched Eleanor for the whole rest of the day so I could enjoy the wedding and boy was it amazing.  It was the longest I'd left Eleanor and I was a nervous nelly at first but shouldn't have been because they were amazing with her.  I was so grateful!  They played with her, took her on a walk and put her to bed.  The best!

Ok, back to the wedding. All sealings are beautiful but this one seemed to touch me more than most.  Maybe it was the way that Mike got teary eyed at the altar or maybe it was seeing my last college friend married in the temple, glowing all happily.  Either way, I just soaked it all in and held back the tears.  Molly looked calm and peaceful and Mike seemed honored to marry her.  I am just so grateful for all these great guys that my friends have married.  It makes my heart happy to know that they are being taken care of and loved. 

After the sealing came fun pictures, including probably the best jumping picture of all time.  
And then we headed over to the Palisade Restaurant that was on the marina and had beautiful views of Seattle.  The food was delicious and the toasts to Mike and Molly were the perfect dose of hilarious and heartwarming.  We sat out on the restaurant's porch talking as the sun set and then waved off Molly and Mike as they drove away. 
 ^^This wedding speech will go down in history as the one of the funniest.  Katie (holding the paper in her hand) had printed off her gchat messages with Molly from when Molly first met Mike and had stated that she was going to marry him.  Abbey (on the left) played the part of Molly while Katie was herself and they read the conversations as a script.  It had everyone laughing hysterically.
The whole wedding was simple and meaningful, just like Molly said she wanted.  She looked stunning and was the most easy going bride I've ever seen.  

I left the dinner thoroughly sappy and missing Aaron.  Remind me to never attend a wedding again without him.  I was sad to leave friends and wedding festivities and Adam and Christy but it was good to hop on the plane the next morning to fly home to Aaron.  Eleanor was great on the flight again.  At the beginning she cried for 3 minutes and woke up everyone up (it was an early flight) but then fell asleep and slept for the full hour and half flight. Bless her. 

It was a fantastic wedding.  I love you Molly and was so grateful to be there!  You were such a beautiful bride and I can't wait to hang out with you and Mike.  Let's make it happen soon!

P.S. After finishing this post, I got all sentimental about my college friends' weddings and posted some photos through the years.  So for a cheesy, sentimental wedding recap of us seven girls click here


  1. Love all your pictures! It was nice meeting you at Molly's reception. :)

  2. Molly and Mike's Wedding is outstanding. I am just in love with the decorations. These are enchanting. Our wedding day is just a few weeks away and we can’t feel relaxed as the most preparations are left. We have booked one of the wedding Venues in NYC and seeking a good decorator as well as catering service too. Can you help find that?