A quick Seattle trip

I got home Wednesday night from the cabin, packed a fresh bag of clothes and hopped on a 9:30 am flight the next morning to Seattle!  It was a little hectic going from one vacation to the next but my dear friend Molly was getting married that coming weekend AND my wonderful brother in law and sister in law live in Seattle so the stars aligned and made it possible for us to make it up for the weekend.

Thankfully a flight attendant sent straight from heaven maneuvered to get me an empty seat next to mine.  Eleanor played on that seat for a good twenty minutes and was an all around angel baby for the flight. Such a relief!

Adam and Christy were so wonderful to host us and plan fun adventures for us to do on Thursday and then in between wedding events on Friday and Saturday.  They really made me fall in love with Seattle and wish I lived there.  I have still never seen the Seattle rain so to me Seattle is a magical place of beautiful green trees and gorgeous views of the Puget Sound all mixed in with both outdoorsy and city activities to do.

To break up the text and pictures, I'll first show our adventures with Adam and Christy and then do another post on Molly's wedding :)

On Thursday, we went in to the city, walked around Pike Place Market, ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, saw the view from Queen Anne and finished the night off with some really great mint ice cream.
 ^^Love those pipes.
 ^^The Stewart name was everywhere!
^^Can you spot Mt. Rainier? 

Friday morning we went to Snoqualmie Falls and boy was that gorgeous.  I'd love to go back and do the hike from the top to the bottom.
Then Saturday morning we headed over to the historic downtown Issaquah area and walked around, looked at the art gallery and went in the glass blowing store.  I love quaint downtowns so that was right up my alley.  All of this was followed up by eating Christy's homemade macaroni and cheese so it was pretty much the perfect afternoon.

I was so grateful to Adam and Christy for having us and treating us so well.  I can't wait til we make it up there again but next time with Aaron along too!

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