Halloween costumes

These pictures make me so excited for future Halloweens with my future children!  Although, I am pretty sure my children's Halloween costumes will be the thrown together, last minute kind (more along the lines of "Let's draw whiskers on her face and make her look like a cat!  That'll be easy!") as opposed to any coordinated, diy costume.  I love those clever and homemade costumes people have but I just don't have it that together. But still, Halloween will be so fun with our own little kiddos!

Aaron and I missed our church's trunk or treat this year and don't really feel the motivation to get dressed up just for ourselves.  I always wanted to be that cool adult who still dressed up, but so far my adult Halloween track record would disappoint my childhood self.

Anyways, this bunch of rambling is just to say that I think life with children will bring our holiday spirit to a whole new level of excitement, and that I can't wait to have a 10 month old come next Halloween!

*Pictures taken from the you are my wild project (found here and here). 

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