Meeting Eloise Anne Stewart

Eloise Anne Stewart was born on October 15, 2013 to my brother Blair and his wife Chelsea.  Eloise is a doll and I already can't imagine our family without her.

Chelsea's mom Susan had flown in just the day before to be with Chelsea through the first couple of weeks having Eloise, which turned out to be the perfect timing.  My mom, Susan, Addy and I had waited all morning to get to greet little Eloise (not to mention all the other family members who couldn't be there but were excitedly texting us every couple minutes to hear if Chelsea had had the baby yet) and finally in the early afternoon we got a picture and a text from Blair saying Eloise had arrived.  In our impatience and excitement, us women couldn't wait at the house anymore so we were actually already in the waiting room ready to go right up the minute we got the "okay."

I was so grateful to be there to greet Eloise the first hour she was on this earth.  It was precious to see the grandmas get to meet and greet their newest grandchild.  Blair's family seems even more beautiful than before and I am proud of my big brother for the woman he married and the girls he has brought in to this world.

Seeing Chelsea soon after she delivered Eloise was very therapeutic for me.  As I mentioned before, I have become increasingly more nervous about giving birth and raising a child (so much pain and then so much responsibility!  what if I make a mess of it all?!).  Chelsea looked so good and was so happy when we came to see her within the hour of having her baby that she put my worries at ease--it showed me that you can survive childbirth!  Granted, Chelsea is a warrior and can do anything, but it still gave me hope.  I know it's always an adjustment too when you leave the hospital and the reality of things set in, but it was so good to be reminded that all the hard things you hear about in becoming a new mother (or a mother again) are worth it because you have this new little baby and what an incredibly wonderful thing that is.

Congratulations Blair, Chelsea and Addy and welcome Eloise!

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