Bridge School Benefit Concert

Since their kids are all grown and gone, my parents have found new freedom in their lives and get to do some pretty cool things like The Bridge School Benefit Concert.  So my cool parents invited us to go along with them to the concert this year.  The Bridge School Benefit Concert was started years ago by Neil Young to raise money for The Bridge School, a bay area school devoted to teaching children with disabilities.  The concert runs for two days and features a wide variety of really talented musicians.

We went to the Saturday showing and got to see (among others) Heart, Jack Johnson, Fun., Diana Krall and Elvis Costello.  Fun. was definitely fun to watch and Jack Johnson was a favorite, of course.  We loved seeing all the middle aged people stand up and dance through Heart's songs, reliving those good ole 80's.  The place was packed and full of everyone from children to old folks.  A number of people from the Berkeley and Oakland wards attended (they were the ones who originally got my parents going) so we were a little LDS group smack dab in the center of a sea of concert-going party-ers :)

I don't know how we'd work it out in the future when we have young kids but I'd really love to go again.  Aaron and I haven't attended too many concerts in our day, so it was a fun new experience for us.  Thanks for inviting us Mom and Dad!
^^The gang with Mom rockin' out to Heart, I think :) ^^
^^Lead singer of Fun.!^
^^A blurry Diana Krall^^
^^And the laid back man that is Jack Johnson^^

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