Recapping Halloween 2013

Despite kind of downplaying the Halloween season this year, we actually pulled off a rather fun Halloween day.

Aaron went to work (he got to help a little with recruiting BYU students to PwC--so crazy to be on this end of the recruiting process) and I started out the day with good, healthy choices (oatmeal breakfast, power walk, smoothie for a snack, etc.).

It all went down hill health-wise though when I went to take the routine test to find out if you have gestational diabetes.  Drinking a water bottle full of sugar water definitely kills any health vibe you may have had going.  And boy, did this baby girl love the sugar.  She was flailing those arms and legs like crazy inside of me soon after I finished the drink.  No sugar for this little one when she is growing up!
I then decided to be festive and actually pulled off baking pumpkin cupcakes while making our very low-key, last-minute costumes.  I found the cupcake recipe here and I think they turned out pretty well.
Aaron came home from work earlier than expected (meaning at 7 pm instead of 10 pm) and I surprised him with our costumes.  I was beyond pleased with myself and Aaron was kind enough to go along with it.

We headed over to the Beans (what would we do without them?  So glad our BYU friends turned Bay Area friends live so close) for Halloween festivities.  They got us all pizza, we got to enjoy the trick-or-treaters that trickled in, we posed for pictures on their porch and then we ended the night with watching Warm Bodies.  A weird zombie apocalypse movie turned romantic comedy is the perfect way to spend Halloween, no?  Actually, it gave me really bizarre dreams that night, ha.

And now for our costume pictures (and mine and Aaron's rendition of awkwardly posed couple maternity pictures).
^^Get it? The wilson volleyball, the fed ex box, the beard...Cast Away! They are hilarious.
^^Our little batman family. I'm 29 weeks along!

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