Halloween 2015 Weekend (and our first house guests!)

We were so excited to have Aaron's parents, Adam, Christy and baby Molly come stay with us over Halloween weekend.  They were our first official house guests and thus guinea pigs on how this new house functioned with so many people.

Highlights of their trip included going to the pumpkin patch and our ward's Trunk or Treat as well as taking a neighborhood walk/bike ride.  We also took advantage of Aaron's parents' home/yard/decor knowledge.  Aaron picked Mark's brain about yard work while Susan and I headed to the paint store to finalize new paint colors for our house.  We also managed to grab lunch at Jacks in Fig Garden, which is one of favorite local restaurants.

I managed to pull out my camera more than I had in a while and looking back on these photos makes me really glad I did.  And be prepared for pumpkin patch overload, it's like a perfect photo opportunity at every turn.
 ^^This bike ride bonded Eleanor to her Papa like nothing else.  Can you see how excited she is in that trailer?
 ^^We went to the same pumpkin patch as last year and while I was taking this shot I was having major flashbacks to a baby Eleanor who couldn't walk and didn't like sitting on cold pumpkins (see those pictures here).  How things have changed!
 ^^She stood here for a good 5 minutes watching the ponies. 
^^Such a little cheeser.
I couldn't narrow down the following photos.  I hardly ever seem to get pictures of me and Eleanor and she was really hamming it up for the camera with lots of unprompted kisses and laughter.  So so cute.
"Okay now Eleanor blow a kiss..."
 ^^Twirling :)
^^Do you see the love in Eleanor's eyes?? She couldn't get enough of Molly let alone her super awesome aunt and uncle.
 ^^Our little lion headed to the Trunk or Treat
Mark, Susan, Adam, Christy and Molly had to pack up and leave Halloween afternoon.  We wish they could come every weekend because it's so fun to have a full house of people you love but alas we know life has to keep happening.  Can't wait for the next time they visit though!

We continue Halloween festivities by grabbing soup at the Balogh's (so good!) and then joining the Marcums in their trick-or-treating adventures.

Eleanor was into trick-or-treating for the first few doors until one door spooked her (why do people have the creepy noises and scary decorations??) and then she was over it.  We let her dive into her candy prematurely and she chose a tootsie roll lollipop as her first victim.  In seconds the lollipop was running down her face, arms and costume.  I held her as we walked to a couple more doors but then we decided to call it in a night.

We put Eleanor to bed and then proceeded to dive into her candy like the good parents that we are.  And then we laughed about this video being real life for us now :)

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