Annie and Aaron's Wedding

Aaron's youngest sibling and only sister Annie married Aaron Hewlett on November 22nd and we couldn't be happier about this pair.  We first met and hung out with Aaron way back at Molly's baby blessing in Utah last April and then again in the summer for the Allred Family Reunion.  It didn't take much convincing to know that he was the right one for Annie.  Aaron blends into the family incredibly well and it just feels like he's always been there.  Not to mention that he treats Annie like a princess and makes her smile a lot--two major requirements in our book.

We flew out to Utah early Friday morning (the day before the wedding) and headed over to my parents' condo in Salt Lake City where we stayed for the weekend.  We were able to visit with my Grandma Raty who lives at the condo and then go out to lunch with Nate White in City Creek. I'm trying to be to the point about all of this so this post isn't forever but all these quick visits were wonderful and we felt extremely lucky to catch up with friends and family alike.

We had a quick McKell family pow wow in the condo around 5 ish and then headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the pre-wedding dinner.  The dinner was delicious and it was made even better by the awesome entertainment brought by the family.

Adam, Aaron and Austin prepared a spoof on the 3 Amigos singing "My Little Buttercup." The boys changed the lyrics, making the song into "Our Little Anniecup," and then rounded it out with a little dance too.  The whole song and dance was equally funny and touching and we all go a kick out of it.
We also got to hear from each of Aaron Hewlett's siblings as well as both sets of parents and there was such a good mix of funny and heartwarming stories from all of them.

Eleanor was pretty done by the end of the meal (we had flown in that morning on the 6 am flight and we were all very off-schedule) so we headed back to the condo to crash for the night.

Saturday was wedding day and we kicked it off with a delicious breakfast (made by Aaron) and ate it with Adam, Christy and Molly.   We headed over to the sealing and handed off Eleanor to Nate and Lauren White (thank you guys for watching her!).  The marriage was performed by Aaron Hewlett's grandpa and it all just seemed was extra tender.  There's no greater feeling than watching a really wonderful couple be sealed together forever.  We are incredibly happy for them.

Here's the happy couple (and adoring family) just out of the temple...
 ^^I couldn't help but snap this photo of Grandpa McKell getting his own photo of the couple.  Cute grandpa moment right there.
^^Eleanor loves her uncles
And these next two pictures just warm my heart...
After taking pictures at the temple and getting Eleanor a quick nap at the condo, we headed up to the reception in Bountiful.  The reception was beautiful with pretty decorations and great food (take me back to that hot chocolate bar!).  I especially loved sitting around the table and catching up with Aaron's extended family.   We miss our weekly Sunday dinners with all of them.  If only we could find a way to turn back the clock and experience that college phase of life all over again.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the reception but it was a full time job trying to keep track of an exhausted yet hyper Eleanor so here's what I managed to snap...
The night ended with dancing and we discovered Eleanor has some dance moves!  She loved dancing in the middle of all the adults.

We sent the newlyweds off with sparklers and then headed home to the condo to crash again.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, weddings are so so wonderful and so so tiring :)

On Sunday we had the chance to attend church with Grandma Raty in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  I wish that was our weekly meeting house.  The chapel was stunning and it was of course extra special to attend church with Grandma.

Grandma then made us the most delicious lunch before we had to head to the airport.  It was just the meal we needed to give us the energy to make it home to California.   At that point, Aaron, Eleanor and I were all pretty sick.

The weekend was a whirlwind but we loved being there.  Annie looked beyond gorgeous.  I just can't believe that she's the same girl I first met nine years ago.  She was amazing back them and has managed to become more and more amazing with each passing year. We are beyond proud of the lady she has become and know that she and Aaron will do incredible things together.

Love you guys and congrats again!

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