Thanksgiving 2015

We flew in to the Bay Area after Annie's wedding and headed straight to my parents house for Thanksgiving week.  Aaron had to head back to Fresno for a couple days for work and we were super happy when he came back to us the night before Thanksgiving.

Eleanor had the time of her life with her cousins.  I felt like I didn't see her for days because she was off playing, which was so awesome for her and me.  I came down with the worst cold of my life and pretty much just laid on the couch talking with family.

Here's just a small dose of their playing. I love the crayon in Eleanor's hand...
On Thanksgiving day the whole family intended to get up and Turkey Trot but I was so sick that I didn't even become coherent until the race was in full swing.  We did make it up and moving in time to get Eleanor and our other nieces and nephews to the Children's Turkey Trot, which is always a major highlight.  Aaron essentially carried Eleanor through the whole race but hey, she was there!  She wore that shirt with pride and got her own little ribbon so it was all worth it.

My mom spent the day cooking up a storm as always but she made sure we took a break in the middle of it all to play our annual girls vs. boys football game.  This year we did it in the backyard and it was fun to get out and run a bit.  I vote we do it in the backyard every year ;)
^^Eleanor's football stance.
^^The stars of the girls team
^^The epic take-down.  This is not a football game for the faint of heart.
Dinner was delicious of course and we over ate as we always do.  I don't know what I'll do when it comes time for me to spearhead a Thanksgiving dinner myself.  Let's just pray that we keep getting invited to family Thanksgivings for years to come ;)
^^The wonder woman herself!  She makes the best chocolate mousse pie around.

After dinner, there was a magical moment where all seven grandchildren sat on the couch and watched a show while the adults visited.  It didn't last long but it was noteworthy for sure.
Friday morning most of the adults took the kids to a trampoline place while I curled up in bed for a nap.  I could just not beat that darn cold.  I saw these pictures after the fact though was glad that they had such a good time.
^^Eleanor's outfit!!! Ha! Aaron dressed her while I was napping so I didn't know she left the house like that.  Our dear sweet peasant girl of a daughter :)

Then that afternoon we all drove up to Borges Ranch to take family photos.  It ended up being the perfect approach to family photos for us.  We didn't try to coordinate outfits at all or make a stress out of it.  We just showed up, hoping to get one decent family photo.  The whole thing took maybe a half hour and we switched off trying to getting the babies to laugh and smile.  We were happily surprised when everyone coordinated pretty well clothes-wise and we were even more happy to see that we not only got one family photo but several that looked great.  Total success in my book. Here's a quick sample and then I'll share more later (hopefully).

Friday night was Audrey's family's last night before heading back to Utah so we made sure to get the three El girlies in their Christmas dresses and take some pictures.  These darling dresses were Christmas presents from my thoughtful Grandma Raty.
Saturday was spent mostly hanging around the house (my mind is kind of fuzzy on this day though) but that night Aaron and I put Eleanor to bed and then went out on our own for a walk around downtown Walnut Creek.  I loved getting some good one on one time together while getting in the Christmas mood amidst all the downtown shopping.  We stopped in for a starbucks hot chocolate, which hit the spot. 

All in all, the week was a success.  I was sick as a dog through most of it and it just made me extra grateful for good family all around.  

I can't have this Thanksgiving post though without including this picture...
Ginny was the ultimate stellar aunt and had the ability to single-handedly entertain all the grandkids at once (no easy feet).

I love you family!

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