Halloween Playgroup Party

I hosted a little Halloween party for our weekly playgroup last week.  My goal was to do it as simply as possible so I wouldn't stress out too much.  I loved seeing the kids pour in with their cute costumes.  They frosted some cupcakes, ate snacks, colored and ran around the backyard.  We had a full house for sure, which is the best.  I love all these wonderful friends we have here.  Thanks for coming to celebrate everyone!

 ^^Ford's bear costume hadn't arrived yet so Ford was a hot dog for the morning (thanks Audrey for the backup costume!).  The costume lasted for all of two minutes seeing as Ford couldn't sit up or crawl in it but it sure was worth those two minutes.  Everyone needs to be a hot dog at some point :)
 ^^My new neighbor came with her two darling boys.  Her boys are almost the exact same ages as Eleanor and Ford.  So glad they moved in!
We might have to make this an annual Halloween tradition.  We had so much fun :)

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