Halloween Costumes 2016: Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Our Halloween costume story really starts last year.  I had racked my brain for a fun family costume idea but came up empty handed.  We ended up borrowing a lion costume for Eleanor and she was in love.  I was pregnant so I was really okay with not dressing up anyways. 

A week after last year's Halloween though, genius struck and I thought of doing Goldilocks and The Three Bears once Ford joined the family.  So I've been biding my time all year to finally whip together a family costume.  Of course, as Halloween approached, Eleanor kept asking to be a scary monster and I was so close to just giving up my idea.  She would say, "I'm going to be a scary monster!" And then jump down on all fours and start growling. It was so cute and funny!

Before abandoning my hopes though I made one last ditch effort to convince her.  I ordered a new special Goldilocks book and surprised her with it.  She fell in LOVE with the book and requested to read it all day every day after that.  And all of a sudden she was all about Goldilocks.  

We went to several thrift stores together looking for a special Goldilocks dress but kept striking out.  Jessica came through last minute with the most perfect dress there ever was (thank you Jess!).  It was like all my motherhood dreams came true the moment that Eleanor put on that frilly blue dress.  She may look a little more like Dorothy or Alice in Wonderland but I don't even care.  

I made bear ears for me and Aaron and found his vest and my dress at Salvation Army.  I ordered Ford's bear costume from Walmart and he was the cutest bear you ever did see, so plump and kissable.  Eleanor traded off calling him Baby Bear and Fordy Bear all week.  

We did our main dressing up for Adam and Christy's Trunk or Treat church party while we were in Riverside and took a few quick pictures beforehand. 
Ford didn't have his bear nose on yet so we tried again later.  Of course though at that point, Eleanor was way too in to her hot dog bun and Ford was way past his bedtime.  

But I still count it a Halloween family costume success.  Our first yet! (Well, I guess we were all sort of cats together for Eleanor's first Halloween). 

Anyways, I had a chance to take each of the kids out front for their own Halloween costume pictures so indulge me while I share one too many pictures of my kids in nearly the same pose.  
 Now to figure out next year's costumes :)

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