Date Night at the Driving Range

After years of promising that I'd go to the driving range with Aaron, we finally made it happen.  We got a bucket of 150 balls and Aaron taught me how swing.  I even made him do the stereotypical romantic moment of "wrap your arms around your date pretending you're teaching her how to golf when really you just want to cuddle up close" as if we were on our first date.  It was a magical moment ;)  I hit more balls then I thought I would though!  They did not go impressive distances by any means but I had a great time playing around.  I actually think I was pretty awful but Aaron kept telling me I did incredibly well for my first time.  Let's just say that he is kind :)  

The only picture I managed to take was that shot above.  We can count it as a couple picture since you can see my shadow though, right?  Aaron was just looking particularly "in his element" so I ran ahead and snapped his picture and then forget to take anymore.  That's what happens when you're having a good time. 

I would totally be up for more driving range dates.  And just you watch, I may be that old lady dressed in head to toe hot pink golf gear, killing it at Pebble Beach one day ;)

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