Ford's Nursery

Ford's room has been evolving over the past 8 months and I love being in there with him.  Most of the major furniture is the same as we used in Eleanor's nursery but there are some differences here and there that make it feel special to Ford.  I think kids rooms are so fun because they are usually a compilation of a lot of loving little gifts from people.  So many things tell a story.  And because of that, I will have a very hard time not talking about every little thing.  I wish I was a short, concise person but I'm just really not.  Oh well :)
I've never really approached Eleanor's or Ford's rooms with a particular theme per se, more just a rough color scheme.  I liked the idea of a more vintage feeling room with some animals thrown in here and there.  I dream of a big boys room down the line with an adventure/camping type feel (greens, blues, reds, grays) and I think a lot of things in his nursery could transition well to that. 
The crib was Aaron's crib as a baby and it's been so sweet to have both our kids sleep in it.  I love that it gives the room a vintage feeling.  I really want to add a mobile over his crib too.  

I found those wicker head mounts at Target when I was pregnant and went ahead and ordered them, unsure if I'd use them.  They sat in their boxes for months because I just couldn't decide.  They are waaaay bigger than I thought they'd be.  I like them tucked away in the back corner though and I think they will stick around after all.

My mom heard I was on an animal kick so she sent me the squirrel pillow.  Eleanor claimed it as her own for a bit but has been okay letting it live in Ford's room.  

It's been musical chairs in here and we just barely moved the blue rocking chair to Ford's room yesterday.  First we had our brown rocking chair, which is much more comfortable for those early newborn nursing/rocking sessions.  Then we had Aaron's wingback reading chair in here, which I think was my favorite look but that chair makes more sense in our room.  And now the blue chair is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

We also added the shag Moroccan rug in here just a few months ago and it made the room a million times more comfortable.  The rug really is perfect in here but I seriously miss it in our master bedroom.  There's nothing like putting your feet on a soft rug first thing in the morning.  
We used the same picture ledges as bookshelves from Eleanor's nursery and I officially decided it's my favorite way to do a bookshelf in a kid's room.  With the books on display, kids are much more likely to grab them and read them--Eleanor grabs the books in here way more often than she does from the basket in her room.  And I also love that the ledges don't take up any floor space.

The gallery wall has changed a bunch from when I first hung it.  If I did it all over again I would definitely do the spacing differently, but I'm just lazy and re-used the same nails with each change. I roughly based it off of this inspiration photo after realizing that I had a similar eagle and a large poster.

Also, I'm a fan of having a clock and a mirror in a nursery.  I always know the time when he first woke up or for how long he nursed.  And the mirror makes for great mommy/baby selfies.

I bought that wooden airplane at the Bijou Market in Provo before I was even pregnant with Eleanor.  I always dreamed of it going in a baby boys room.  And I bought those vintage books with Erin at a thrift store in St. George hoping they'd one day end up in a baby's nursery too.  Oh and that picture of Aaron right there?  You have to see it closer...
Is that not a little Eleanor or what?!  Ford's looking more like my side of the family these days but time will tell.  I love having this cute little boy on the wall though :)
All those books came from family and friends over the years and I can surprisingly remember who gave us each one.  I think about the gifter every time we pull out their book.  I love that.  Thank you everyone!  Ford's great grandma MiMi made that sweet crocheted blanket poking out of the basket and my mom bought the little gold framed portrait of a boy at an antique store. 
I love these little soothie blankets.  Eleanor still sleeps with hers so I wanted to get Ford his own when he was born.  I had to get a car one for him, naturally ;)  I'm too paranoid to put a blanket in the crib before babies are a year old so I like that they can have some soothie blanket to hold on to at least.

I love that large Velveteen Rabbit quote that Aaron's mom gave to Ford.  It fits the wall perfectly and has the sweetest message.  The blue trunk was from Aaron's childhood.
The corner is just begging for a big plant or tree but it just doesn't get much light so I don't know what to put there.  I think it would help if those two frames were bigger and took up more wall space so maybe I'll replace them one day.  I love the pictures though.  The top one was a $2 find at a Salvation Army and the bottom one is a photo of Ford at just one month old.
My photography skills did not capture the light very well in here.  The walls are looking so yellow in these photos but in person they are just slightly off white.  This room get north facing light so it's never all that bright.  It definitely makes for a good sleeping room for Ford though!

And what's a post about Ford's room if it didn't include some pictures of Ford himself.  Here's the cutie...
^^He had just run in to a corner before taking this photo so he has a nice line down his forehead.  This boy always has some sort of bruise!
And there's his room...for now!  I can't guarantee that it won't change tomorrow, that's kind of been the story of his room so far ha!

I do love spending time in here though and we have already made a lot of good memories in it. Nurseries are just so sweet and full of love by nature of them housing little babies, regardless of what the room even looks like.

Anyways, we sure love that kid a lot and think he's the greatest :)

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