Eleanor's Nursery

Our move at the end of the month means that we will be saying goodbye to Eleanor's first room.  I couldn't pack it up without taking pictures so that I could show her one day where she first slept and nursed and played.  This room holds lots of memories in it's four walls and it will sure be hard to say goodbye to it all.  We had most of the room set up before Eleanor was born, but since she's been here we have added little things here and there--her name to the wall, photos of her, a flower poster, etc. I've loved seeing the room change and better reflect this lively little girl.  So here are the photos to remember it all by.
^^Why two rocking chairs? Long story.  We bought the brown one first off Craigslist from a sweet man who held it for us.  When we saw it in person we weren't too jazzed about it and probably would have said no, but felt too bad because the guy had been so nice.  It was super cheap so we just got it.  Then my mom found the adorable blue rocking chair at a Consignment shop, which was much more of the look that we wanted.  Well when Eleanor came, that brown chair was a total lifesaver.  It was perfect for those early days of nursing and it rocked just right.  We actually had it out in the living room for the first 6 months but then Eleanor was too big to nurse in it and the blue chair became much more convenient.  Plus the blue chair gives the perfect back support.  So now they both live in Eleanor's room.  I nurse Eleanor in the blue chair and rock her in the brown chair, ha!  Such a high maintenance little girl ;) If only I could combine these two chairs into the best rocking chair the world has every known. 
^^We take Eleanor's monthly pictures in this blue rocking chair.  The artwork on the wall is a collection made with lots of love.  The Provo Temple print was a gift from Jessica and the Animal Print Shop Elephant Print was a gift from Molly for Eleanor. I made the pink inverted arrows on the bottom right and the "You'll never know dear how much I love you" print on the top right. 
^^This was the crib that Aaron and all his siblings slept in as babies! It is very special indeed.  And the gray rug was from Blair and Chelsea.
^^I still can't figure out where that missing bottom photo disappeared to...but anyways, that is a little collage of family and such printed out from Persnickety Prints (which is great for printing Instagrams). 
^^I found the changing table/dresser off KSL in Utah before moving.  It was our first baby purchase but sadly one of the drawers broke in the move.  Aaron glued it back together but it still needs some touch up.  Maybe some day! Eleanor's dirty clothes go in that gray and white basket to the left and usually there's a trash bin to the right for diapers.  All of Eleanor's many headbands are stuffed in that pink box atop her dresser.  
^^Eleanor's Nana (Aaron's Mom) gave her the two prints by Cinnamon Ink and I love their messages ("You can fly if you try" and "Whatever you are, be a good one").  The flowers are from a poster from Paper Source and my wonderful sister-in-law Chelsea made the "E."
^^These Ikea bookshelves are maybe my favorite part of the room.  I love that books are easy to access and in the forefront of the from.  I so want Eleanor to grow up to be a reader and so I love that I can just easily grab a book and plop down to read her a story.  We keep her blankets in one of those baskets and toys in the other, which makes keeping it all clean and organized super easy. 
^^My dear friend Bethany knitted that sweet blanket hanging on the crib and it will always remind me of her.  Bethany is probably the most thoughtful person on the planet and is always loving on Eleanor. Of course, the blanket and pillow aren't there when Eleanor's in the crib but they sure make for a prettier photo :)
And here is the baby girl herself!  I like to think that she has liked this space of hers.
^^She was all about her tongue during these photos, as if she was discovering it for the first time.
We are super grateful for every gift that Eleanor received before even being born, many of which are shown here in the room.  This room came together because of so many kind friends and family members who gave Eleanor such sweet presents.  So not only does the room make me think of how much we love Eleanor but also how so many other people love her too.

We loved dreaming up this space before she arrived and have loved experiencing it with her even more.  Love you babes!

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