Packing with a baby.

Packing with a baby sure is distracting.
 ^^These previous two pics kind of show a little habit Eleanor has acquired over the last few months.  She loves to plant her thumb on a surface and then twirl her hand around it.  It's just a little something and it's cute.
^^She also loves to hit her hand on things over and over again like she's playing a drum.
^^Everything and anything goes in the mouth!
^^That cardboard box was a life saver and kept her entertained for a good 10 minutes as I frantically took advantage of the time and packed a bunch.

Eleanor has reached the glorious phase of being super attached.  Most days it is just crying if I leave the room for even a second, but there are days where she is not satisfied at all unless she is in my arms.  She'll crawl towards me and lay on my feet, whining until I scoop her up. It's terribly cute in a way to be so wanted but man it makes getting anything done SO hard.  My solution so far is to just give up on packing and lay on the floor snapping pictures of her.  It's a very unproductive but awfully satisfying solution ;)

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