We're Moving!

Aaron has accepted a new job in Fresno, CA and we will be moving at the end of the month!  We are very excited for the fun times ahead of us and feel confident that this is the right move for our family.  It came after a lot of discussion, consideration and prayer.  No big, life changing decision is ever easy to make but we are grateful that we have a sense of peace and enthusiasm for the future.

^^Photo taken last September when we moved in and swore we wouldn't move again for years because it was such a hassle. Ha! Now our apartment is starting to look just as disheveled as this picture.  

We have loved our dear South Bay Area.  We have loved living so close to my family and we have loved all the friends that we have made here.  We love this area more than you can know and wish we could just pack it up and take all the goodness of the Bay with us to Fresno.  The good news though is that we will just be 2 1/2 hours away and can always come visit.  And! All of you can come visit us! We will have a guest bedroom waiting for you! We will be living within easy reach of Yosemite and some good boating lakes (which makes Aaron happier than you can know).  Maybe the most convincing plug that I have for you to visit Fresno though is that Eleanor will be there with her squishy big cheeks, so come! And squish away!

I mean, can you really say no to this face?
We went down to Fresno last weekend and stayed with the lovely Marcums (yes, I will get to live within walking distance of my wonderful friend Jessica!) and scouted out a house to rent.  It's full of wood flooring, which will be a first in our rental history.  We are pretty jazzed about it.  Aaron will get to tinker in his garage (he assures me that he will have lots of important tinkering to do) and Eleanor will get to play in the yard.  We will live within 20 minutes of the Fresno Temple.  And we have already scouted out some good restaurants.  Such good things all around!

More info to come I'm sure but I thought I'd check in for now to share our exciting news.  I'll be frantically packing for the next bit, which is much harder to tackle when your 8 month old all of a sudden hits a really needy phase. Wish us luck! Fresno, here we come!


  1. We are packing our bags!!! I am really excited to see the place...how fun, even though moving is terrible haha. And Yosemite is on my list of musts before i die. So lets go camping haha.

  2. I am so sad that you are moving but happy for your next steps together as a family!

  3. How exciting!! Good luck with your move. Even more reason to visit Fresno now :)