My dream living room.

I love dreamimg of how I would decorate my future living room.  That's probably why I browse the antique stores and ebay so much. I have yet to actually pull the trigger on anything but one day I hope to!

For the past few months I have been pretty set on what I want.  My goal is to find a cheap ($100 or less) used sofa in a cool shape and then reupholster it in blue cotton velvet.  Then I would pair it with a bright colored persian rug and our mid-century style tv console.  I would get a fiddle leaf fig tree to put in the corner, lots of original art work scattered throughout the room and an upright piano for Eleanor to play her Beethoven on (yes, she's a prodigy at just 8 months ;)).  This dream room has been kicking around in my head for months and I talk to Aaron about it a lot (poor guy).  

Well, I was perusing Pinterest the other day and wasn't seeing any inspiration photos that matched what I was envisioning.  All I was finding was blue sofas paired with neutral white/beige/jute rugs, which are beautiful but not quite as fun as I wanted. And then I saw this next picture and the angels sang.  This is exactly what I have been imagining! And the couple did exactly what I want to do--find and reupholster an old sofa.  I've never seen their blog before but I am definitely making a mental note to go back and read it. 
Images found here

I actually found a sofa listed for free that I think would be awesome but Aaron needs some convincing. The sofa is definitely unique and would be pretty amazing.  So if I can persuade him and we actually get it then I will share a picture :)

And wouldn't this rug on eBay be perfect? Get it if you can!  
Who knows when all this dreaming may come to fruition.  It may be a while before I really do it and hopefully by then I'll still like the idea but I'm filing this away in my "one day" file of things I don't want to forget.  I think we just need to move in to a home with dreamy wood floors first! 


  1. there was the PERFECT sofa for you to reupholster at an antique store in Fresno like 5 months ago!! $100 mid century- so cute!

    1. Oh dang! So sad I missed it but it's good to know that they are out there and in Fresno no less! ;) I will find my cheap and beautiful sofa somehow!

  2. So I love this style, seriously so much. I would love the same but i want a green couch haha. also my friend found a blue velvet couch at a garage sale for $20 and its perfect, so you never know what you're gonna find!