Austin and Chandra's Riverside Open House

We wished and hoped and prayed all last week that Aaron wouldn't have to work the weekend so we could make it down to Riverside for Austin and Chandra's open house.  On Friday, I packed us up and prepped the house as if we were going but we still didn't know by 2:45 pm if Aaron would have it off (his work has been crazy recently).  Anyways, thanks to a couple of great co-workers, Aaron was able to finally get out of there Friday and we hopped in the car for a late night drive down to Southern California.  We are so glad that we were able to make it so we could soak up one last summer weekend with family and be there for Austin and Chandra.

Saturday morning was prep time for that night's open house.  During breaks though we would people would come hold Eleanor, which I of course loved.
^^Eleanor giving kisses!  This was the first time she really did it when she was prompted to and she gave multiple of them freely to her daddy.  This girl sure loves her daddy.  (Really though, she is already on her way to saying "dada" first!)
^I love seeing these two hang out together.

Then the make-up prep started. 
While people were putting on finishing touches for the Open House, I took some pictures of Christy and Adam who are expecting their first baby this coming January!  They are having a girl and we are ecstatic for them!
And then it was time for the party.  The backyard was looking beautiful with the strings of lights and pretty centerpieces.  I loved the catered taco bar and could have (should have) gone back for seconds and thirds.  And of course, it isn't a McKell Open House without some good dancing to end the night :)  It doesn't matter who else gets up and dances, the McKell gang is always happy enough to just dance the night away together.   So here is a serious amount of photos for you to peruse.
^^Brad and Laura Nichols came! I can't believe it's almost been a year since their wedding! We sure love these good friends and loved getting to catch up.  They were so kind to drive all the way over.  
^^And then these two had their second "first dance"
^^Chandra's dad was a riot and couldn't resist joining in on the couple's dance for a sec.
 ^^Aaron proudly dancing the YMCA
 ^^The whole McKell crowd.  Aaron's Uncle Steve and Aunt Tonia drove all the way from Arizona for the day so it was great meeting them for the first time. I sure love this family I've married into.
^^A touch blurry (as are most of these nighttime pictures) but I love this father/son moment.
After the Open House, everyone piled in to the living room to watch the BYU football game while watching Austin and Chandra open their wedding gifts.  BYU played great and Aaron loved that he could watch BYU football again with Brad Nichols, who shares Aaron's same intense love of the team.
^^Enthralled in the game.

If you made it through all those pictures then you are amazing!  Let's just say I really like snapping away and then I really struggle narrowing them down.  I just love all the little moments!

We hit the road again for home Sunday afternoon, and while it was a crazy and quick weekend (and Eleanor was seriously done with the car by that 7th hour), we were so glad that we were able to be there. 

Congrats again Austin and Chandra!  

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  1. I love the McKell's! This looks like such a blast- I'm glad you guys made it :)