Girl's Night

I sure lucked out with this group of girls.  I've been meaning to post about these wonderful ladies for a year now (oh my goodness, we've been in San Jose for a year!) but I am usually having too much fun when we are out to take pictures.

I met Carrie the first Sunday we attended our new Campbell Ward and discovered that we were both having baby girls just a week apart.  She put me on the playgroup e-mail list (which is also for all the younger women in the ward) and I immediately started getting e-mails for not only the weekly playgroup but also cupcake nights, facial parties, cronut runs, birthday events and morning workout sessions.  These girls really know how to live it up in the Bay Area and it has made it so fun to be here.

This past week Carrie hosted a "Favorite Things" party where we all got together, brought three of our favorite things under $5 dollars to share and then ate good food while chatting it up.  The party idea was genius and helped us to get to know each other even better.  Girls brought everything from their favorite nail polish to carpet cleaner to sharpies to gelato.  Yes, that's right.  I brought the gelato ;)

I couldn't have made it though without Aaron.  Despite his recent crazy work schedule, he worked hard to get home in time for me to go because he knows how happy these sorts of outings make me.  I really appreciate him making it possible for me be there and encouraging me to not get home before 10:30 pm so I could fully soak up the night.
And here are some group photo out takes, cause there are some pretty funny little moments captured in each of these...
^^Tara (top left in striped shirt) teaching everyone how to pose like a fashion blogger

I am so inspired by these ladies who have such great personalities and each have such unique talents. They motivate me to cook, to exercise, to serve, to be a better mom, to pursue my goals and to enjoy life.  I sure love them all.

Thanks for a great night ladies and especially thank you Carrie for hosting such a fun party!


  1. This makes me so happy that you have such wonderful friends nearby! Girlfriends make everything fun. PS- I need to call you back!

  2. Thank you for coming! You are always so sweet and so much fun. We've loved having you here!

  3. Reading this just now made me a little teary knowing you will be leaving so soon. Like Natalie said earlier this week "we aren't done with you and everything about you yet"... we haven't had enough time to soak it all up. We sure will miss you. This night was SOOOOO FUN!!