Sitting up and giving smiles

I grabbed my camera one afternoon last week while we were having a low key day of playing on the floor. I started snapping away, trying to capture Eleanor as I see her now just shy of 8 months. 

Eleanor now sits up pretty well and gives you the best smiles.  

She has all different sorts of smiles for different sorts of occasions, but my favorite smile is her biggest smile where reveals her bottom gums.  This is the smile she gives me when I round the corner and she sees me for the first time.  She looks up and acts beside herself with joy.  Those moments are gold for a mom.  It's difficult to catch this smile on camera but boy is it cute and I got a little bit of it here.  Of course, I accidentally chopped off her head while trying to capture it but I still love these pictures. 
^^I love the combination of that smile and that sweet glimmer in her eye!

And these capture the little quirky faces that she makes.  She's become so expressive and opinionated lately.  She loves to contort her lips and try to make different sounds to tell you what's up.  Ah, I just can't wait to have conversations with her!
She's a bundle of joy, that Eleanor.   

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