Noelle's Baby Blessing

Timing worked out perfectly with Austin's wedding and we were able to be at Noelle's baby blessing that next day in Utah.

Noelle slept peacefully through her blessing like the sweet little girl that she is.  We all enjoyed a delicious lunch on Audrey's back porch after church.  I loved getting to talk with Patrick's family and also seeing my Grandma Raty.  It was a perfect, peaceful, family-filled Sunday.

We love you Noelle!
^^Sweet little Mama's boy.
^^Wonder Mom!  This is life as a mother of four kids.  I'm in awe of you Audrey!
^^These uncles love their niece!
^^I need to frame this picture.  Noelle lifted her head up just for this picture and I was super impressed with her strength. Thanks for capturing it Brad!
^^Hanging out in Audrey's peaceful backyard.

These next three photos are from my dad.  So glad he was able to get them :)
And I had fun taking some of both the Eleanors too:
 ^^She loved the buttons.
 ^^Baby sneezes are the best.
^^Eleanor stared at Granmda Raty's face like this for a good 5 minutes, just taking her in.

And can't forget a good selfie with Remy :)
We had so much fun and were so glad to be there!

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  1. look at Eleanor smiling in those photos!! So sweet!!