Austin and Chandra's Wedding

Austin and Chandra were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 30th.  The wedding was beautiful and every detail was carefully thought out.  Chandra glowed and it made me so happy to think that we now officially have her as part of the family!  I loved their sealing and was touched by all of the good advice. Aaron and I made several notes as to how we can strengthen our own marriage and family.

We are so happy for you Austin and Chandra!  We wish you all the happiness in the world.  Being married really is the best.  You are just starting a grand adventure and we can't wait to see you grow as a couple.

And now for the pictures!

The weather was perfect for capturing dreamy pictures--just the right amount of overcast.  I usually love to snap tons of wedding pictures (just check out the wedding tab on the left of this blog for proof) but having a baby made for a whole different wedding day experience (and by "different" I mean that napping and feeding Eleanor took precedence over pictures).  I took as many pictures as I could, but of course, I missed some good details.  I still think these photos tell the story well and I hope you can see the beauty of the day!

^^I am in love with Chandra's floral crown
^^Snapping my fingers and saying, "C'mon Eleanor! Look! Smile!"
^^You just couldn't resist, huh Aaron?  I guess it's only fair seeing as Aaron got the same treatment on his wedding day :)
^^The originals!
^^Seriously Chandra, you're a babe!
^^I think Eleanor should wear this outfit every day.  Who's with me on this??
^^The reception was later that evening in a pretty backyard in South Jordan.  I loved the strings of lights and all the personalized chalkboard signs.
^^We made sure her pacifier matched her outfit and the theme of the day ;) Also, Annie is the greatest!  She watched Eleanor during the sealing and then proceeded to hold her throughout the day.  Thank you Annie!
^^Had to capture the shoes!  She's nearly 8 months and this is her first time really sporting shoes.  Call me a lame mom but those things just don't stay on and don't seem worth the hassle most days!

Are you ready for some serious baby cute-ness?  Our friends Erik and Whitney Snow had their baby girl Madisyn just 5 weeks after Eleanor and this was the girls first time meeting.  Pardon the excessive number of photos but I couldn't help capturing these cute little girls paired with these new fathers.  I bet that back when Erik and Aaron were in high school together they never imagined they would be taking these photos together one day.
^^In addition to Erik and Whitney, we were also so happy to see other good friends, including Nate and Lauren White and Spencer Mun.  I just wish I had pictures with everyone!
^^I could eat those meatballs every day of my life and be happy :)
^^I loved how our extended family was so excited to see and hold Eleanor.  Especially Aaron's uncles!  I think they are the most baby hungry of all.

All in all, it was such a lovely day.  At the end of the night we waved off the newlyweds with sparklers and they drove away in Grandpa McKell's mustang (the same mustang that Aaron used to propose to me 4 years ago!).  Now I just can't wait to be with the whole family again and have a chance to really talk. If we are lucky then that opportunity will be this next weekend at Austin and Chandra's Open House in Riverside! Pray that Aaron can get work off this weekend!

Congrats Austin and Chandra!  We love you guys!

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