Fordster Getting Around

Ford and I had an afternoon alone at home the other week, which is rare.  It reminded me of the days when it was just me and baby Eleanor and I could document her every move.  So over the course of the afternoon, I followed him around the house taking pictures of him as he crawled and climbed all over the place.  

He is 7 months here and was actually sick this day.  He didn't let any sickness stop him though.  How do kids just keep going and going even when they're sick?  It will always perplexes me. 

Anyways, he's just so handsome in his little suspenders.  I can hardly handle it.  So here's an overdose of Mr. Fordy, also known as Fordster, Fordy Buddy, Fordy Boy and the Ford-man.  He's just the best.


  1. He's going to change the world

  2. He is such a handsome little guy! His eyes are stunning!