Eleanor's First Steps

Eleanor took her first real steps this past Friday!  

She has pretty much showed no real interest in walking solo up until this point so it was fun to see her finally figure it out.  

We were hanging out in the living room when I set her down facing her dad.  He motioned for her to walk towards him as he always does but this time she actually moved her feet instead of just dropping to a crawl.  

Aaron and I looked at each other with big eyes and looks that said "It's finally happening!"  

We sat on the rug with her going in between the both of us for a good twenty minutes.  Then we snapped the above video and sent it out to our family. We were pretty jazzed.  

Since Friday, Eleanor has still mostly preferred crawling but we are seeing glimpses of her walking skills each day.   Go baby girl!

P.S. To see her knee walking at 13 months go here and almost walking at 14 months go here.

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