A 13 Month Old Knee Walker

We have a 13 month old knee walker on our hands!

Eleanor may never actually walk but at least she'll know how to walk to school one day using her knees.   But really, she has no zero interest in using her feet!  I'm really okay with it and don't feel any rush but it's just hilarious that she'd prefer most things to walking.  She'll let you walk her a couple steps and then just plops down and crawls the rest.

In other 13 month old developments, Eleanor has learned plenty of tricks as of late.  She's the best at blowing kisses, clapping her hands, putting her circle shaped toy into the bigger toy sorter thing, and playing peekaboo with her hands (she used to always use a blanket before).  She says words that sound like "Hi," "Here you go," "Uh oh" and "I love you."

Eleanor officially dropped her morning nap and is down to taking one 2 hour nap at noon.   I held on to that 2 nap schedule as long as I could but eventually had to admit defeat after she fussed through her first nap for a whole week.

She is almost totally weaned, just one morning feeding a day.

And while she is terribly cute all the time, she is showing signs of deviance.  When I shake my head and say things like "No, don't touch that electrical outlet that could kill you" she just laughs and shakes her head right back, as if to tell me she can do whatever she wants.  She is also testing the waters and seeing if she can get away with dropping her food on the floor.  She has a rebellious little streak, this one.

Most days I just can't get over how much she is turning into a "kid."  I can tell in the last week especially just how much she understands of what I'm saying to her.  And she is just looking so tall and toddler-ish.

Man, I love her.

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