When I'm the Happiest

As I was getting ready for bed this past Sunday night, it hit me that I was really happy--the deep kind of happy where you feel satisfied with where your life is.  I turned to ask Aaron how he was feeling about our life and he replied that he was really happy too.  We started talking about how things have been and where we are at as a family and the thought wouldn't leave me that I am happiest when I put spiritual things first.

Honestly, I have felt a little "off my game" spiritually this past year as I have transitioned into motherhood.  It's incredibly difficult to make time for yourself as a mother to begin with, so trying to "fit in" spiritual things often seemed near impossible.  I read my scriptures and served where I felt I could but oftentimes that meant that it got put on my to do list and usually forgotten.  

This past week was mostly a typical one but Aaron and I made the commitment to read our scriptures together every night.  After eating dinner, we got Eleanor ready for bed at 7 pm and then met up on the couch to read a chapter together in the New Testament.  This simple change has then prompted me to pray more, think of Christ more and serve people at church and in my community more, all of which has then caused me to feel even better and better.  I haven't done anything overly grandiose, but just a lot of little spiritual things that have added up.

This has all led me to conclude that if we want to be truly happy then we really need to make the little sacrifice of time to put spiritual things first, not just "fit in" the spiritual when it's convenient. 

I have learned this lesson in the past, but it seems that I need to keep relearning it over and over again as my life changes with every new phase.  

And that's my simple thought for today.  I know that we can feel another level of joy and satisfaction when we involve God in our lives.  I hope you are all able to make time to be spiritual because I want you to feel that deep kind of happy too :)

P.S. If you need a place to start or are interested in learning more about what I believe then go here.

(I took this unrelated picture of cherry blossoms while on a walk with Eleanor last week.  Aren't they beautiful?  Spring is here!)

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  1. thanks for posting this- it really is such a good reminder! New motherhood makes it hard to keep up on anything that's not "urgent" no matter how important. I needed this!