A Car Show With the Beans

Our wonderful friends Richard and Emily Bean drove down from the Bay Area this past Friday to spend the weekend with us.  We love them!

We kicked off the weekend by visiting a car show in Kingsburg, a small town outside of Fresno.  It turns out that this car show was the 21st Annual Car Show in Kingsburg and it had a huge turnout of awesome classic cars.  

One of the major things that first attracted me to Aaron all those years ago was that he loved old cars and had a great family tradition of working on them while growing up.  Whenever we go to a car show, I am reminded of just how much I love this side of Aaron.  

We have tons of fun walking around discussing how you can tell what year a car was made and all the special features of the car (pony interior, light bar, bench seats, etc.).  We keep a special eye out for all Ford Falcons (Aaron's high school car) and pray that there will be a '65 Falcon.  At the end of the show, we always pick our favorite car and take a picture by it.   

It also must be noted that this was Eleanor's first car show!  She mostly spent her time in the stroller with her strawberries all while trying to not get sunburnt, but it was still fun to have her with us and surrounded by cars. 
^^Cars lined the streets in downtown Kingsburg for about 5 blocks. 
^^We found a Falcon!
^^Aaron's dad drove a Galaxie so we always like finding one and thinking of him
^^Another Falcon!
^^Richard's favorite

^^My favorite--a '32 Ford Coupe.  I love the light bar with the big headlights.
^^Emily's favorite.  She loved the Bel Airs and especially this lime green color. 
^^I liked that one as well :)  Also, I'd like to note that I'm trying to be an adult and take skin protection more seriously this summer so you may see me sporting this hat every day.
^^Aaron's favorite was the '34 Ford Sedan.  A good looking car indeed. 

The car show was great and the rest of the weekend with the Beans was equally as fun.  

On Saturday we also went on a bike/scooter/long board ride through Woodward Park, BBQ'ed with the sister missionaries and had a fun game night at the Marcums with homemade strawberry ice cream made by the Beans.  

On Sunday, the Beans came with us to church and then we all went to the Ryans for a delicious dinner.  We were seriously sad to see the Beans pull away Sunday night but we just keep telling ourselves that we will see them again soon.  

P.S. For nostalgia's sake, here is the post on my first car show ever (complete with awesome instagram filters and all :))

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