^^A miserable, fever-filled day
^^Chewing on everything in sight
^^A happy girl (finally!) after a 3 hour nap
^^Couch cuddling post-nap

We have had an up and down week of teething around here.

With Eleanor's past four teeth, we would have a rough day and night and then a new tooth would appear and all was well.  This time though she's breaking in two teeth on the top at once and has been having fevers and runny noses galore.

She needs me all the time and cries "maaaamaaa" till I pick her up.  We've gone back to a two nap schedule again with yesterday Eleanor taking a 3 hour nap followed by another nap just an hour and a half later.  

Although the neediness has been a challenge, she has made up for it with dishing out hugs galore.  She has been the best cuddler.  And this morning she actually let me rock her to sleep, which hasn't happened since she was 5 months old.  I loved that moment.

Hopefully these teeth break through soon but until then I'll just soak up the hugs.

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