Family Bike Rides

Our family bike rides officially started on Saturday!  We have been waiting for a month for my minty green bike to get in at the bike store and it finally came! We picked her up on Saturday and I rode her home from the store.  While riding, it struck me that such a happy bike deserved a very happy name.  So Tallulah it is!  Extra points to you if you can name that movie!

We took our first family bike ride to Coldstones for some ice cream.  The weather was perfect and it just felt good to be out enjoying it.  

Eleanor was totally content in her little trailer and gave us happy kisses after the ride. She did kind of slump over so we need to rig it with blankets or something next time.  The trailer can seat two kids so someday she will have a little sibling in there with her to chat with, which makes my heart happy just picturing it.   

We are just super excited to be investing in some good bonding time for our family and can't wait for more Saturday bike rides :)

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