Easter and A Baby Blessing

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

We headed to Utah for our Easter in order to be there for Molly's baby blessing on Easter morning.  It was a whirlwind weekend, where we tried to soak up as much family time as possible.  We loved meeting and holding our niece Molly for the first time.  Most of our time was spent in Provo at Grammy and Grandpa's house except for Easter morning at Christy's parents' house in Brigham City.  We had fun catching up with family and some friends, but of course, there are always way more friends and family that we wish we could see.

The trip started out with an awesome 6 am flight.  It was all okay until Eleanor threw up all over herself and Aaron (3 times!) while standing at baggage claim.  I apologize in advance for these pictures but they must be remembered...
Once we recovered from that fiasco, Eleanor conked out in the car (which she never does!) in a brand new outfit.
The chaotic morning was made worth it though when we got to meet sweet Molly. 
All the immediate family was together that day and we just had fun cruising around to different spots. 
Saturday was filled with General Conference watching and hanging around Grammy and Grandpa's house in Provo.  
 ^^Thank goodness for that basket of toys!
^^Nana couldn't resist those sweet cheeks

Ellen and her baby Eve came by in the afternoon.  I was on cloud nine meeting Eve for the first time.  She was totally content to let me hold her but was a little unsure of Aaron.  I really miss living close to Ellen but it was great hearing the updates on their life. 
^^note Eve's little hand on Eleanor!
 ^^I missed this view!  I took it for granted when we were in college eating dinners here but loved soaking it up again.

That night, the girls all went to our cousin Emily's performance in Les Miserables.   If you're in Provo and haven't seen the show yet at Hale Center Theater, you must go!  It plays til April 25th and really is an amazing performance.  
 ^^So proud of our dear, little Eponine 

We headed up to Brigham City on Sunday morning for Molly's baby blessing followed by an Easter breakfast and the first Sunday session of General Conference.  The blessing was beautiful and it was amazing to see all the people surrounding and supporting Molly.  She is loved!
Then of course you have to take a slew of Easter family pictures outside :)

 ^^I'm posting this one for you, Austin.
 ^^And this "normal" one for you, Chandra ;)
^^Annie and her boyfriend Aaron.  We had tons of fun getting to know Aaron better. 
^^And Annie's Aaron and Austin got pretty comfortable with each other by the end, ha.

Then it was back to Provo for Easter dinner.  (I know I should just split this post up since it's so many pictures but I'm on a roll so I'm going with it! Bear with me.)
^^A great thing about hanging out with family is the many hands that want to hold Eleanor. She loves it and we LOVE it!

We had an epic round of ping pong and then followed it up with an egg dying competition.
 ^^Aaron got just a little excited with the egg decorating stickers :)
 ^^The final round up
^^And the judge in action! 
^^Austin's "comb over" egg.  Grammy said it looked like Grandpa :)

Then Monday came and we decided to introduce Eleanor to the BYU campus.  We met up with Brad and his fiance Emily and toured the new Life Sciences building (it's amazing!). 
And we quickly drove by the Provo Tabernacle that is being rebuilt into an LDS temple.  I love checking on its progress every time we are in town.  It's turning out to be really stunning.
Then it was a fun meal at Cubby's with Ginny, a goodbye to Provo and a plane ride home.  Eleanor was up the whole flight til the last 5 minutes when she crashed hard in my arms.  My baby is not so little anymore!
Whew, that was a lot of pictures.  We had so much fun though and can't wait til the whole family is together again in July!

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  1. sounds like a total dream! I can't believe how amazing the Tabernacle looks! Wow!