Adventures in Walnut Creek

We had a great couple of days last week in Walnut Creek with my family.  We played with cousins, shopped at consignments stores, celebrated my mom's birthday and had lots of great talks. Here are a bunch of grainy phone photos of our trip...

First, we went out to lunch to Cheesecake Factory on my mom's birthday. 
 I then stopped by the local consignment store.  I like to check it out every time we are in town.

 ^^I wish this cute piece had a pair and then I would have loved it for nighstands.

 Eleanor loves being around her cousins.  There was lots of hugging going on.
^^When Eloise noticed me taking pictures she struck this pose. I love her.
And everyone was determined to help Eleanor start walking.
 My mom encouraged me to go out shopping by myself while Eleanor napped.  I had so much fun walking around shops without a care in the world.  Walnut Creek has the best downtown shopping so I just went from store to store, dreaming of buying tons of cute clothes.  These are two of the skirts I tried on.
 We also got some practical shopping done.  A little while back, I lost the only keys to one of our cars.  It was a major bummer, especially when we had to get a locksmith to come to our house to make a brand new key for $100.  Ouch.  So I went ahead and made three new keys to avoid this ordeal ever again.
 Three girls in three carseats in the backseat.  We went to the new park area of Heather Farms and the girls loved it.
 And Eleanor got a little pre-bedtime bonding in with her Uncle Blair.

I love being at home with my parents and are so grateful that we still live close enough to just drive up for a couple of days.  

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