Almost Walking!

Yesterday, Eleanor kinda sorta took a step or two.  We were at the Young Women's pool party and she had tons of youth gathered around her encouraging her.  Eleanor was pumped.  She was standing sturdily and dancing in place on the grass.  She took those kinda sorta steps and I texted Aaron to say that we were going to get her to walk THAT NIGHT!

We waited in anticipation for Aaron to get home at 6:30 pm so that Eleanor could take her first real steps with him there to witness.  I had high hopes for our night but as we should have guessed, she was over it by night time.  She was a combination of hyper and tired which then turned into stubborn.  And when Eleanor doesn't want to walk, she doesn't want to walk.  So we tried, but sadly no solo steps were taken.

We will wait for that day to come but here is the video of us attempting walking last night.  It's still pretty cute I think :)

I think her shoes were interfering with her walking here a little so we took them off and tried but it was still a no go.  We really aren't stressed, just super excited at the fact that it may happen soon!

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  1. So cute! She will love this video in the future!