Sprucing up our room

I decided to take a stab at "pretty-ing" up our bedroom.

Our room has always been an afterthought.

Lately we have been wanting to prioritize it by getting a headboard, new bedding and coordinating lamps but I keep getting cold feet.  Ideally, I'd like to get a headboard first and then our bedding after.  I know this isn't an essential order but it just makes more sense in my head.  But I want to wait on getting a headboard til we are in our more permanent home to make sure it'll work with the space.  So I just keep waiting on that decision before moving forward on any other decisions.

We did buy a rug though for the room and added our craigslist dresser so that has helped it all feel more home-y.
So on this particular day that I took these pictures, I shopped around our house and tried to pretty up the dresser and my night stand.  I still haven't tackled giving the dresser a facelift (I described my plans here) but I'm liking the dresser "as is" for now and even more so now that it has some pretty this on top of it.  

I love the assortment on my nightstand but Eleanor went for those books on the bottom shelf as soon as she woke up from her nap.  Needless to say, those books are definitely gone now and that bottom shelf is clear.  
My estate sale painting lives here for now along with my DI flower painting ($3 and then I spray painted the frame gold).

And any Harry Potter lovers out there?  Aaron gave me the whole Harry Potter series for my birthday and we made it a goal to re-read them together this year.  We haven't started yet, but some of the books are here waiting on the dresser for us as soon as we are ready.

And here's more of the room below.  It'll be all so much more exciting when we get a headboard.  I haven't figured out what headboard I want exactly.  My hope is to find something that's comfortable and tall enough to allow us to sit up in bed and read without it cutting off our backs.  I want it to be neutral so I can mix up our bedding colors as we desire.  I haven't put too much thought into it other than that.  One day!
It's pretty easy to see which side is mine and which is Aaron's, ha. Aaron prefers to keep his side of the bed very plain.  Everything must serve a function for him :)  

Have you noticed that hardly anything is hung on the walls in our house?  
I have just been leaning our art against the walls since we've moved in.

For some reason I have a complex about making holes in walls.  Making holes just seems so permanent and a little silly when I know I'll have to fill them soon enough (such is life in a rental). Plus, we don't have quite enough art to do the gallery walls I dream of and I don't really want to hang the paintings before I have the whole gallery wall thing figured out.

I have actually enjoyed being able to move around our art from room to room whenever I feel like it though. So for now, our home is full of leaning art. 
So that's our master bedroom.  I must say that even though our bedroom is far from finished, I love it.  The room is pretty large and the vaulted ceilings make it feel even larger.  We feel blessed to have so much space right now.    


  1. This make my room look terrible haha! I love it so cute!

    1. Thanks Chandra but I'm sure your room looks better than you think! But ya, it is super hard to prioritize your own room when you are in the "acquiring" phase and needing things for living rooms, kitchen, etc. etc. That's been the game we've been playing for the past four years anyways!