Daddy's Girl and Face Timing

Eleanor can be quite the little Daddy's girl.  She waits every evening for the sound of the garage door opening and then races on her hands and her knees towards the door where Aaron will enter.  She lights up whenever she sees him and reaches out for him constantly.

The other week, Aaron was staying at work late for a couple nights to study and as a result was getting home after Eleanor had gone to sleep.  To make up for it, we face timed with him at lunch and before she went to bed so she could see him those days.  Eleanor totally "gets" face time and is comfortable with jabbering away at the phone, especially when it's with her dad.

On this particular day, Eleanor snatched the phone from me, lay on her back and talked one on one with her daddy.  She even gave him multiple kisses via the phone.  I'm so glad I caught this conversation on the camera because you can see just how much she loves her dad.  He's her best friend.

She's a cutie for sure.

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  1. This is seriously so sweet! I just love that cute girl!