Happy Friday, Happy Easter, Happy Weekend

Eleanor and I have had a great week in Walnut Creek with my parents and it was made even greater when Aaron joined us last night.  We were able to be here for my mom's birthday and to soak up some good Stewart family time.  And the fun is just starting because we are now headed to Utah for a some great McKell family bonding over dear sweet Molly McKell's baby blessing.  We can't wait to snuggle our newest niece and hang out with the McKell clan.

In the midst of all this fun family time, I am also trying to remember to focus on celebrating Easter and thinking of our Savior.  Christmas so easily becomes overrun by materialism so I really fight for Easter to be less materialistic and even more spiritual.

Of course, I still love fun traditions like dying eggs and egg hunts (aren't those eggs above just beautiful?).  These traditions are especially fun now that Eleanor is becoming more and more aware of holidays.

But I have spiritual traditions around Easter that I love too, namely studying the Bible account of Christ's last week and pondering how my daily life is affected by my knowledge of Christ.  I have felt Christ's strengthening power in my life and find great peace and comfort in knowing that Christ knows my pains and struggles. And that Christ overcame them so that I could too.  I feel such gratitude for this knowledge.

This weekend also is a chance to listen to our church leaders deliver really inspirational talks on a variety of topics (from overcoming trials, serving others, developing balance, cultivating family relationships, relying on God, etc.) in what we call General Conference.  It takes place this Saturday and Sunday and is broadcast throughout the world.  I always come away from this conference motivated to be a better person.

Needless to say, I can't wait for this weekend to start for many reasons.

If you'd like to tune in to some or all of General Conference, you can stream it online here.  Anyone can watch.  This would be a great way to get a dose of spirituality for Easter.

I also wanted to share a link to these Bible videos mapping out each day's events leading up to Christ's resurrection. These videos are awesome.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and get to soak up all the sun, egg hunts, chocolate, family, love and spirituality that this weekend has to offer.

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