Last Week's Highlights

I hope you had a great weekend.  It was very needed around here as last week felt a little rough for me in the motherhood department.  Nothing majorly bad, just a couple hard days in a row that seemed tougher than usual.  I'm learning that the key to my sanity is planning out my days better, having things to look forward to and real activities to do with Eleanor.  Also, if we could just figure out how to get her to sleep past 6:30 am again then that would be awesome.  I'm losing hope fast though.  But, the point off this post is to focus on all the really great things that did happen last week because I want to remember the good.

The highlights of last week were...
-Eleanor sitting on my lap and holding my hand while she "people watched" at the park.  She stayed like this for twenty minutes!  It was the calmest she was all week.

-Hosting playgroup at our house.  It was mayhem with the kiddos but I sure do love talking to those awesome moms.

-Rediscovering the magic of dry shampoo.

-A sushi dinner with my high school friend Anna Lai.  She's been coming to Fresno for a rotation at Kaiser and it's been so fun to catch up on life with her.

-A last minute, late night movie night to see Cinderella with Jessica.  We both needed a break and a girls night out was the ticket.  It was exactly what I needed to recharge and turn the week around.  Also, the movie was fantastic.

-Trying to capture Eleanor's wispy curls.

-A family bike ride on Friday afternoon with the most perfect weather.

-Eleanor discovering where her belly button is. Best trick to date.

-Facetiming with family.  This is turning into a daily occurrence.

-Painting after Eleanor went to bed.  And also, abstract is hard.

-Estate sale shopping with Jess in a classy home with the best wallpaper.  We both came away with the classic Spode Christmas Tree plates.

-Getting creme brûlée with Eleanor to break up the day.  We hung out on this couch at the bakery for as long as we could.

-Reading my scriptures every day.  Yay for improvement and consistency!

-Finding a jumper/romper/whatever-you-call-it that will help me survive the summer heat.  It's a little out of my comfort zone fashion wise, but it was just so light and airy that I couldn't resist.

-Cutting back on unhealthy foods.

-Teaching Eleanor to walk towards me to give me a hug.  Makes it all worth it.

-Sitting on the grass in our front yard.  It's the perfect way to get a quick bit of fresh air.  Also, Eleanor thinks grass is fascinating.

-Taking cupcakes to someone.  Seriously, why do I always forget that serving others makes me so much happier?  Note to self: do this more.

-Getting flowers from Aaron after what he knew was a very long day.

-A morning bike ride with just me and Eleanor.  The first half was awesome, the second half she cried.  So I'm just going to try to remember the first half!

-Saturday morning rain!  So so good for Fresno.

-Deleting Instagram from my phone.  This may not be a forever thing but it feels good to take a break.

-Starting Harry Potter all over again.  Aaron and I are reading the first one now and I love that it's another thing we can do together.  Also, I have forgotten so many of the details from this first book!

-Attending a sweet baby shower for Taylor Veater Winters.  Can't wait to meet her baby girl.

-Finding out that this post helped Brooke Veater find her prom dress!  She got dress #10 and looked so so beautiful in it.

-Family Date Night that turned into a true date night when Eleanor fell asleep in the car (she had refused napping and was exhausted).  We just took our time driving through neighborhoods and chatting about life.

So there really was so much good in last week when I look for it.  In fact, looking through these highlights makes it seem crazy that I would say last week was hard at all.  But it was in many ways while also being wonderful in many other ways.  Isn't that life though?

I'm looking forward to the upcoming week and all it has to offer.  Happy Monday :)


  1. I loved this post. Also you look AMAZING in a romper. I wish I could pull it off, but these lady curves make me look like a pumpkin hahaha. Harry Potter is also my favorite thing in the world. I plan to re-read it this summer now that I will have some extra time in my life :) XO

  2. I totally spaced, we need to have a paint session this summer, I have been wanting to create a cool pastel piece for our home that I made myself, I love the colors you used.