Announcement {In Aaron's words}

It's another round of hear about the McKell’s life from the mouth of Aaron! Caroline asked me to write about an important change that will be happening in about 7 months from now. I've been putting this post off for a couple weeks because of random school assignments and my carnal desire to sit on the couch and do nothing. But that time has passed!

It's been a couple months since this happened but at the end of last year we decided to change our direction and focus on something different. Now before we continue I need to settle some questions you may have. We are not pregnant. If you skipped down from the beginning this is no shock, but if not I hope you have learned your lesson for assuming things.

Now that I have let down hopes and dreams of quickly becoming grandparents and uncles/aunts (whether through relation or not) I am going to talk about another part of my life that I feel is very exciting: accounting!

 Caroline and I spent lots of time analyzing and praying about where we should go (I must have made 7 different excel spreadsheets trying to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each decision). Ultimately, we decided that PwC was the place for us. I spent this last summer working there as an intern in audit and I enjoyed being wined (well, I drank 7-up) and dined by going to dinners and even participating in a service outreach program in Belize.
 However, after the internship where I worked on two exciting companies, I was worried that the subject of audit wouldn't keep me as engaged as I had hoped. Even so, I accepted a full time offer in audit to begin the following year (this coming fall).

I thought that after accepting a job offer I would be "über excited" but sadly I had more of an "eh" attitude (how ungrateful of me when you really think about it). I decided to put out some feelers to recruiters to let them know I was interested in some other areas of the firm, but I felt that the ship had sailed and I would just need to apply for others departments after I begin full time employment (which would be more difficult).

Several weeks after accepting a full time position in audit, my recruiter called me and asked if I would be interested in applying for a group called "transactional services." I said yes emphatically, and was flown out for another quick trip to San Jose.

The position is more of a consulting role in which I will be helping companies with mergers and acquisitions. The accounting world can become quite complex and I look forward to providing a valuable and interesting service to hopefully many different companies in the Silicon Valley.

To be honest, I'm not sure entirely what I'll be doing but I am excited to learn. I got the job and will be starting this September as an associate in a group called CMAAS (Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services), which is a part of Transactional Services.

Through this experience, I learned the importance of building good relationships with everyone we meet. I had several people that I barely knew help me get the position I was interested in. Good thing my curly hair helps me be memorable :).

You're all the best, thanks for reading!

*If you want to see the accounting/job hunt journey unfold: click here for Aaron getting into the MAcc programhere for choosing Aaron's internship, here for Aaron breaking his arm during a recruiting eventhere for starting his internship, and here for Aaron's trip to Belize.  It's been a long journey but we  finally know our future and are more excited than ever!


  1. Although a baby would be an exciting announcement from you guys (they will be so cute!) this is exciting too. congratulations on the job offer aaron.

  2. Way to go Aaron (Elder Mckell!) So proud that you are doing so well and making such a good impression with your curly hair! Well and your awesome talents too! Keep in touch! Sis. J

  3. Excited for y'all!! I was hoping one day you would finally stop being a slacker Aaron ;)