Date Night (an unorthodox one)

I came home yesterday after finishing my last TELL assignment (hallelujah!  i'm done with my minor!) to find Aaron icing his very large wrist on an ice pack.

Aaron had gone snowboarding earlier that day with PwC.   While he was on the mountain, I was at my school finishing up TELL assignments.  When Aaron got home from snowboarding, he gave me a call and said, "I think I hurt my wrist but DON'T worry.  It's no big deal.  I'll just tell you about it when you get home."  I tried prying for five minutes but he was determined not to give me any details.  He just sounded happy and upbeat and said not to worry.

When I was driving home at 5 pm, I thought our date night to the temple was going to happen as planned.  Things changed though when I saw that Aaron's wrist was swelling in all different directions.

We got in the car right away and headed for the Urgent Care.

Aaron's wrist wasn't turning black and blue so we were pretty certain that it wasn't broken.

Lo and behold, an x-ray and an hour and a half later, we learned it was indeed broken.

Don't worry though, Aaron was cracking jokes the whole time.

I think he kind of took the doctor and x-ray man off guard with how chipper he was.

When the doctor was putting the temporary splint on Aaron, we started joking about how funny it would be when Aaron conducted Sacrament Meeting the next day.  We were cracking up thinking of Aaron asking everyone to raise their right arms to sustain people to their callings, while Aaron raised his HUGE bulky splint to sustain them as well.

The picture on the right is Aaron texting his friends, Spencer and Nate.  BYU always comes first. 

When we got the go ahead from the doctor, we headed on to the pharmacist.  After 3 failed attempts, we finally found a Walgreens Pharmacy that was open.  We put in the prescription and grabbed some food at Costa Vida while we waited.

The pain started to set in at that point but Aaron was a trooper as always.

Overall, we had an unusual date night but it provided lots of bonding.  Isn't that what dates are about anyways?

We will go in tomorrow (Monday) for the real cast.  Until then, Aaron will continue to be his merry old self and to take his drugs that knock him out.

Speaking of being knocked out, the poor guy can't lay his arm down while he is sleeping, so the combination of pain killers and a broken arm brings you this:

Long naps and an arm straight up in the air.

These are going to be good memories.  Wish us luck!


  1. Get better soon Aaron! I love your positive attitudes :)

  2. Oh no! Poor Aaron! You two are so funny. I hope he feels better soon :)