A Birthday Month

I am 22 days older than Aaron, but on Leap Year, I become 23 days older.

Just sayin'.

This post is a little late in coming but I wanted to jot down a little bit about our wonderful birthday month.

I had parent teacher conferences until 8 pm on my birthday (the conferences were quite amusing) and then Aaron picked me up for a great dinner at Happy Sumo.  I can't say it enough...I. Love. Sushi.

Limited time on my actual birthday meant that I got to spread out celebrating for the rest of the month.

Annie Jamieson took me out to a great sushi dinner in SLC and Jessica and Erin put on the cutest tea party.

Then we had a family celebration at Audrey's for mine, Audrey and Aaron's b-days.

My mom went all out to make it a real birthday party experience--streamers, birthday sign, party hats and pin the tail on the donkey.  It was so much fun to be with everyone (almost everyone...we missed you Dad and Blair!).

March 10th was Aaron's b-day so we did what Aaron loves to do...eat meat.  We took our Tucanos birthday card and got ourselves a full Brazilian meal.  We finished the night off with Rocky IV on Netflix.

On Sunday night, we got "the boys" (along with some lovely significant others) and played the Name Game.  We always feel blessed to be surrounded by such great people.  It was a great night.

Thank you to everyone for making our birthdays wonderful!

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