I'm done done DONE!  I made it, made it, made it!  Didn't know when the day would come but it came!

You are looking at the happiest, finished-with-student-teaching, soon-to-be-BYU-graduate girl around.
Let me tell you, freedom feels great.

I have loved every moment of my BYU experience and I loved being a teacher at Timpview more than I could have ever imagined.  I know that I will miss these experiences (in fact I'm already starting to) but for now I am soaking up my freedom.

I forgot how good it feels to go to bed early, go on a morning run, get ready for the day at the same time as Aaron, listen to The Eagles for fun, wear sandals and pants, eat a real breakfast and look forward to a day that I can fill with whatever I want.


While Aaron and I were getting ready for the day and he was sharing his extra lotion with me, I just looked up at him and smiled and laughed.  Aaron scooped me up in a big hug and said, "Oh you're back!"  We just stood hugging for a minute being all happy and free.

The real me is back!  The non-stressed me is here to stay for the summer!  You never realize how hard you worked, how stressed you were, how sometimes grumpy you became until you have a minute to breath and relax.

I'm back!

And I will enjoy this Monday of freedom before I start a full time sub job tomorrow and hard core job hunting.


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  2. Congratulations Caroline! You are the happiest, kindest "stressed" person I know. You sure did mask it well; none of us could ever tell that you were stressed or grumpy. We did know all along that you were working hard though...and I know the kids loved you. You are so lovable! And we love you tons and tons forever!!

    1. Why are you in a Helaman Halls dorm room in this photo??

    2. Thank you Susan! I tried to mask the stress but I don't know if I was always very successful. Aaron was definitely a champ these last three months! Love you too!

    3. Kami...you are so observant! I wondered if anyone would be able to pick up on that. I visited my sister in the dorms on my "free" day and she took this picture of me then. She lives in our old stomping grounds...2200 floor in Taylor Hall!