How I spent my "Free Day"

On my day of pure freedom I decided to visit people that I love.

I wanted to hang out with the dear Gin Gin (sorry Ginny, I know you dislike that nickname, but for some reason it just makes me smile) so I visited her in her good ole Helaman Halls.  It turned into quite the little nostalgic experience for me...

going to my old building, 
sitting on a dorm bed for a nice long chat, 
visiting my old room and taking a cheesy picture out front 
and eating at the always memorable (and much improved) CANC. 

 I had a really good time catching up with Ginny and hearing more about her freshmen year.

Then I got to visit Aaron in his office.  I love seeing Aaron on campus.  It reminds me of our "younger" days (can you believe that it was almost 6 years ago Aaron and I started dating!?) where we hung out in between classes and had fun on campus.  It seems like there was so much less school pressure then...or at least that we put less pressure on ourselves. Anyways, we enjoyed the time.

It was a free day well spent.


  1. Wish I could have gone with you! The last time I ate at the canc I went with you!! And she lives in Taylor?? Or just Helaman? Miss you lady!! You should call me now that you have all this free time :)

  2. Yes I will call! That was the last time I went to the canc too...celebrating your upcoming graduation! Ginny lives in Taylor 2200...same 95th ward and all. Crazy, huh? Oh the memories.